Make the Most of a Home Strength Workout

(with Minimal Equipment)

Sometimes my weeks are hectic, which means a home strength workout or no strength workout at all.

Sometimes I think that an at home strength workout isn’t “worth it” compared to what I do when I go to the gym, but that’s just not true.

Here are some tips to make the most of your home strength workout with minimal equipment.

1. Switch from bilateral to unilateral.

Usually when we work out at home, we don’t have as much access to weights as we do at the gym. This can make it hard to load up bilateral movements, like deadlifts and squats, enough.

One easy change to make is to switch from bilateral exercises to unilateral exercises.

Instead of doing a conventional deadlift or Romanian deadlift (RDL), switch to single leg deadlifts.

Instead of doing a back squat, switch to single leg squats or lunges.

Instead of doing a bench press, switch to single arm presses.

2. Add in isometric holds.

An isometric hold is the contraction of a specific muscle or group of muscles where the muscle doesn’t change length, and the affected joint doesn’t move.

Think: planks, lock-offs (for my climbers), or wall sits.

The great thing about isometric holds is that you don’t need much weight, if any.

Some more examples are holding at the bottom of a push-up (Chaturanga Dandasana yoga pose), pausing at the bottom of a Bulgarian split squat, holding a single arm row at the top of the movement, etc.

3. Get creative.

If you don’t have any weights but want more resistance, get creative. Use household items as added weight (laundry detergent, backpack pull of books/cans, etc) or use towels as sliders on a slick floor.

You don’t need to have dumbbells or kettlebells at home to get in an effective strength session.

4. Work on balance or plyometrics.

Balance and plyometric exercises are beneficial for runners and usually call for a reduction in weight (compared to typical exercises) – perfect for an a home strength workout.

If you want to work on balance, I highly recommend getting a Mobo board. You can create amazing strength sessions with just a Mobo board and some resistance bands.

Examples of plyometrics are jump roping, jump squats, jumping lunges, burpees, and toe taps .


Home strength sessions are great when you are pressed for time, can’t make it to the gym or are just getting into strength training.

For reference, my home workouts usually only include a pair of 25lb dumbbells, a 30lb kettlebell and a pull-up bar, but you can create a great strength workout without any of these, especially depending on your current strength level.

Happy strength training! 💪🏼

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