Coaching Services


Group training for those of you running a 50k or half marathon in spring 2022!

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1:1 Running Coaching

This is my highest level of support offered for the athlete who wants a customized running plan plus maximum coach support.

1:1 Running Coaching

This is my semi supported plan offered for the athlete who wants a customized running plan with coach alterations as the program progresses with less support than fully supported.

1:1 Strength Coaching

This is for the athlete who wants to gain consistency in their lifting and get STRONG through a plan customized to them.


My self directed running program with 80+ pages of information plus two 12 week plans.

Great for newer runners and those getting back into running.

See what some of my athletes are saying:

“Kelly is a great coach, motivator, and supporter. I worked with her on building my running base while I had a couple of injuries and some major life changes. She was not only helpful in figuring out a running plan that would keep me moving forward, but also adapted it to what I could physically/mentally handle. Also she got me to do that accessory work (core/stretching) that I knew I needed to do, but never had the motivation for. I definitely recommend working with Kelly wherever you are in your running journey!”
– Lexi

“The reasons why EVERYONE who is serious about running should get a coach. 

One of the reasons is accountability, obviously. I hold myself pretty accountable in my runs, however, I hold myself a lot more accountable for the activities outside my runs. Before a coach I would occasionally do stretches or strength exercises, when I felt I needed them. However, with a coach it has been  amazing to have those planned out. It holds me accountable to execute them. I think I have had little injury and have felt stronger because of those exercises, and I never would have likely done them twice a week if I hadn’t had a coach. I also like being held accountable for things I don’t want to do, like hill sprints. I was dreading them and not into it at all as I’m not good at being fast… at anything. However, with Kelly I felt supported in them and motivated to get them done. It was nice to have that accountability to do something I really didn’t want to do.” [full testimonial on FULLY SUPPORTED]
– Sarah