Coaching Services

1:1 Running Coaching

This is my highest level of support offered for the athlete who wants a customized plan plus maximum coach support.

Custom plan with alterations

This is my semi supported plan offered for the athlete who wants a customized plan with coach alterations as the program progresses.

SELF SUPPORTED / Customized 12 week plan without alterations

This is for the athlete who feels confident training on their own and altering their own plan when needed but wants a customized plan to follow.

Coming soon….

My latest program will be dropping soon! This will be PERFECT if you’re just getting into running or coming back from some time off.

Coming soon….
SUPPORTED IN STRENGTH/1:1 Strength Training Coaching

If you haven’t heard… I passed my CSCS exam which means I’ll be taking on strength training clients soon!

See what some of my athletes are saying:

“Kelly is a great coach, motivator, and supporter. I worked with her on building my running base while I had a couple of injuries and some major life changes. She was not only helpful in figuring out a running plan that would keep me moving forward, but also adapted it to what I could physically/mentally handle. Also she got me to do that accessory work (core/stretching) that I knew I needed to do, but never had the motivation for. I definitely recommend working with Kelly wherever you are in your running journey!”
– Lexi

“The reasons why EVERYONE who is serious about running should get a coach. 

One of the reasons is accountability, obviously. I hold myself pretty accountable in my runs, however, I hold myself a lot more accountable for the activities outside my runs. Before a coach I would occasionally do stretches or strength exercises, when I felt I needed them. However, with a coach it has been  amazing to have those planned out. It holds me accountable to execute them. I think I have had little injury and have felt stronger because of those exercises, and I never would have likely done them twice a week if I hadn’t had a coach. I also like being held accountable for things I don’t want to do, like hill sprints. I was dreading them and not into it at all as I’m not good at being fast… at anything. However, with Kelly I felt supported in them and motivated to get them done. It was nice to have that accountability to do something I really didn’t want to do.” [full testimonial on FULLY SUPPORTED]
– Sarah