1:1 Running Coaching

Photo credit: Jana Rogers

Wondering if running coaching is for you?

Running coaching is for you if…
  • You have big goals but aren’t sure how to get there or IF you can get there (maybe your first trail race or ultra??).
  • You struggle with doing things you don’t like (like speed work).
  • You’re overwhelmed with the volume of training information out there and don’t know where to start.
  • Making day to day decisions about training drains you.
  • You want motivation, support and accountability.
  • You want a plan created for YOU based on YOUR life and priorities.
Running coaching is NOT for you if…
  • You want a running plan with no support.
  • You want to figure things out on your own.
  • You don’t want to build a relationship with a coach.
  • You may want to check out my self directed running programs instead.

What’s included in running coaching:

  • Customized training plan for your goals & life delivered as an overview and in 2 week detailed blocks in TrainingPeaks (plus a premium account).
  • Plan alterations as needed on your feedback.
  • Weekly coach check-ins via email/spreadsheet.
  • Unlimited coach access via email, text, and slack.
  • Monthly check in calls over Zoom or phone as needed.
  • Lifetime access to my slack community.

Ready to get started?

The investment for running coaching is $199/month.

Reduced pricing may be available for those who need it. If you feel comfortable sharing, feel free to mention it in your interest form.


Why do you require applications?
I want to make sure of a few things before we move forward: (1) that 1:1 coaching is the right program for you and (2) that I’m the right coach for you. The coach-athlete relationship is hugely important for a successful coaching experience, so we need to make sure we’re right for each other.

Do I have to be a trail runner to work with you?
Nope! I’m certified for road and trail running, for races from a 5K up to ultramarathons. My favorite distance to coach is the 50k, but I have a roster full of many distances.

Do I have to start my training as soon as I apply?
I ask that you start your training within 1 month of application since I only take a limited number of athletes at a time.

Will you be taking on athletes on a rolling basis?
Yes, as long as I have an open spot on my crew. If you want email alerts when I open up more spots, sign up here. Applications are first come first serve.

See what some of my athletes are saying:


“Working with Kelly was integral to getting back on my feet (literally) after two significant running injuries that required physical therapy. My physical therapist recommended that I use a running coach to avoid re-injuring myself, and Kelly was the perfect coach to get the job done!  Kelly was able to develop a comprehensive plan that helped to build my mileage back up and my confidence back. After only a couple of months, Kelly had helped me to run a half marathon over the course of a weekend. Despite it being early in my plan, it was a cause near and dear to my heart, and Kelly helped me make it happen!

In the middle of my training with Kelly, I had a significant family crisis. She responded with empathy and understanding, and she was able to tweak my plan accordingly. As someone who is very self-competitive, I was disappointed in myself that I was unable to train as much as I did previously, but Kelly was so encouraging and wonderful throughout it all. She helped me to celebrate my accomplishments and remain positive; she went way above and beyond what I expected of a running coach!

I would highly recommend Kelly to any runner! I look forward to using her again in the future!”


“Kelly is a great coach, motivator, and supporter. I worked with her on building my running base while I had a couple of injuries and some major life changes. She was not only helpful in figuring out a running plan that would keep me moving forward, but also adapted it to what I could physically/mentally handle. Also she got me to do that accessory work (core/stretching) that I knew I needed to do, but never had the motivation for. I definitely recommend working with Kelly wherever you are in your running journey!”


“Getting a coach was the smartest  thing I did to prepare for my 50K and my life in general. I’m an athlete and I haven’t worked with a coach since  high school and it’s nice  to be back into that type of training. I  have  a goal and because of a coach it has  become an important part of my every day. Kelly is the best, you should definitely let her coach you.”