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56. The Story of Coaching Klutz The Multifaceted Athlete with Coaching Klutz

The long awaited story of how I got into coaching is here! Just kidding, this isn't long awaited, but at least one of you did request this! The seed that would become my running coaching business was planted back in grad school, morphed into a baking business, and somehow we ended up here. Listen in for the full story and some questions from you! I talk about how I prepared to go full time in coaching, how I knew I was ready/that it was time, my coaching offers, how many athletes I'm aiming to acquire, and the biggest mindset shift from going from salaried to self employed. Enjoy! Interested in working with me as your running coach? Inquire here. CONNECT WITH ME: Sign up for my newsletter Instagram TikTok Website Email Podcast topic/interview requests: Group Trail Runs: March: April: — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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