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Need some ideas for the runner in your life (or maybe yourself 😉)? Kelly’s gotchu. Listen along for her favorite items for runners from apparel to gear to fuel to books. Included in the spreadsheet are any discount codes that Kelly has when applicable and notes of any current sales going on (it is Black Friday tomorrow, after all). Disclaimer: all of the items in these lists are items Kelly owns and uses. Just because she like them does not mean you will (namely the apparel and shoes), but hopefully this will help with any ideas you need. If you are listening past the week of Thanksgiving, the sales notes may or may not still apply. Here is the spreadsheet with all the products Kelly talks about, links and her personal notes: Gift Guide for Runners – Google Sheets CONNECT WITH KELLY: Instagram: TikTok: Website: Email: Sign up for the group trail run list: Podcast topic/interview requests: Interested in working with Kelly as your running coach? Inquire here. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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  2. 42. Running Through Winter
  3. 41. Olympic Marathon Trials, Mental Health & Finding your Tribe with Cait Keen
  4. 40. Using your Personality to Enhance your Training & Nutrition with Coach JK McLeod
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