Make the Most of a Home Strength Workout

(with Minimal Equipment) Sometimes my weeks are hectic, which means a home strength workout or no strength workout at all. Sometimes I think that an at home strength workout isn’t “worth it” compared to what I do when I go to the gym, but that’s just not true. Here are some tips to make theContinue reading “Make the Most of a Home Strength Workout”

Gift Ideas for Runners

Need some ideas for the runner in your life or need some ideas for yourself? Let me tell you about some of my favorite products and why I love them. So before we start, I just want to say I am not encouraging anyone to buy anything. So if you don’t need any new items,Continue reading “Gift Ideas for Runners”

How to Know If You’re Ready To Train for an Ultra

Before we get started on this topic, if you would rather listen than read, check out my podcast episode here. Okay, let’s get into how to know if you’re ready to train for an ultra. If you follow me on instagram, you probably saw me talking about a post I saw from the very popularContinue reading “How to Know If You’re Ready To Train for an Ultra”

Ditching Perfectionism in your Training

If you’re a runner (or just an athlete in general), you’re probably pretty Type A with perfectionist tendencies. I was the PICTURE of Type A when I ran in college. Coach gave me a training plan, I executed said training plan to a T (and then some). I thought that in order to progress inContinue reading “Ditching Perfectionism in your Training”