Train sustainably with Coaching Klutz

Welcome! I’m so glad you made it to my website. I’m a running and strength coach who helps female presenting/non-binary folks train sustainably so they can enjoy training while chasing their goals for the long term.

Do you have big running or strength goals but just don’t know how to achieve them?

Does the idea of making your own training plan with everything else going on in your life overwhelm you? Or do you just need someone to hold you accountable to your training?

I hear you, and I want to help.
Hi, I’m Kelly!

I’m a certified running/ultra running coach and certified strength and conditioning specialist with a passion for helping female presenting and non-binary folks train sustainably so they can enjoy training while dreaming big and pushing their limits (whether on the road, on the trail or in the gym).

Whether you’re looking for running coaching or strength coaching, I can help.

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